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In 14 years of hard work, hongmaodamo has built a technical team with rich experience, exquisite technology and excellent quality. The core engineers have been engaged in the mold design industry for more than 30 years, and the elite designers have graduated from famous universities in China.
Hongmaoda team, adhering to the tenet of "quality is the life of an enterprise. Without quality, an enterprise is like water without source and wood without roots". Relying on its outstanding advantages in sheet metal drawing, blanking, bending, forming and other difficult mold manufacturing fields, hongmaoda team is unique in the industry.
Hongmaoda mould, based on Hengshui and looking at China, divides its business scope into five sections on the basis of meeting the market and customer's customized demand, and establishes a nationwide product sales network, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the enterprise.

In pursuit of the dream of the future, hongmaoda mould is full of gratitude to forge ahead. With our ingenuity to tap the intrinsic value of the development of the industry, we meet the challenges and opportunities brought about by the development of the industry with our passion for continuous entrepreneurship and high morale. We hope to develop ourselves into a quality promoter of China's mould industry and create a better tomorrow with our partners.


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