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High strength steel for automobile girder has high strength and good bending performance, and can be used for processing beam parts. The processing methods involved in the girder include shearing, punching, punching, bending and rolling. With the increase of strength, the plasticity and forming limit of high strength steel used in automobile girder decrease. Because the beam parts are easy to spring back and twist when forming, the trend will be more severe after the use of high strength steel, mold design and even parts design should be considered. At the same time, when high strength steel is shearing, improper shearing gap will lead to poor formability of the shearing edge, easy to crack during forming, and the poor shearing section will follow
It will also be the source of fatigue cracking. When cutting, the cutting edge will be easy to wear and even collapse when the mold or blade material is not suitable.
When rolling and bending, the influence of bending fillet, bending Angle and side shear quality should be taken into account. When using beam high strength steel, forming and punching force will increase greatly, so it is necessary to check whether tonnage of stamping and forming equipment and tonnage of punching equipment meet the requirements.

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