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What do automobile stamping parts contain?

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The body stamping parts are roughly divided into cover parts, beam frame parts and ordinary stamping parts, which clearly shows that the image characteristics of the automobile stamping parts are the parts that cover the car. The production and processing of the automobile stamping parts include the automobile covering parts, and the automobile mould shell can also be said to be the stamping mould shell of the automobile covering parts. Hangzhou automobile stamping parts production cover is divided into outer cover and inner cover, has the characteristics of thin raw materials, complex appearance, large structure specifications, high precision, high processing performance, can not be formed at one time and so on. Many of the girders are contained in the cladding components. Such as automobile engines, common stamping parts such as automobile cab, wooden floor, side stiffening beam than simple, covering parts of construction specification is small, small deformation degree, low accuracy, less technological process, the mold shell is simple, common mechanical equipment load is small, there is no production line, can independently, large and medium-sized Shanghai automotive covering parts stamping parts production and processing appearance expanding forming: Generally 10000~ 20005kN wide double acting press is selected for the process flow, and wide platform single acting press is selected for other forming processes. In order to improve productivity and stabilize production quality, stamping production line is generally chosen. The mechanical equipment of the stamping production line is equipped according to the production process, represented by the double-acting press, which is composed of 3~5 single-acting press and other auxiliary mechanical equipment (raw materials, raw materials, transmission, salary, etc.). Hehua Machinery Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise mainly engaged in automobile stamping parts, sheet metal processing, production and sales. Main business: sheet metal processing, sheet metal parts processing, mechanical parts processing, mechanical parts customization, gantry numerical control processing, automotive stamping parts processing, automotive parts processing, welding structural parts processing. Can be customized, welcome to consult in the production process of automobile stamping parts, the largest number of choice is the cold stamping process, because the integration period must be. The quality of cold stamping raw materials will immediately determine the quality characteristics of the commodity, the length of service life and the level of cost.
Therefore, we must keep in mind the selection of automotive stamping parts and standards, only in this way, in order to produce better automotive stamping parts.

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