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Matters needing attention in drawing mould design

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Drawing mould occupies a large proportion in the whole stamping mould industry. Most products in our daily life have products that need stretching more or less. For the design of drawing die, it does not mean that it can be calculated according to the traditional algorithm. As there are too many factors to be considered in the design of drawing die, such as drawing coefficient, material limit, determination of spring force, drawing direction, etc., the following editor will tell you the matters needing attention in the design of drawing die:
The importance of drawing mould material: when the customer's requirements for the material are not very strict and the repeated mould test can not meet the requirements, the material with good tensile performance can be used to try again. Good material is half the battle. Surface finish of drawing die: in the drawing process, both sides of the mould and blank holder are not completely ground, especially when drawing stainless steel plate and aluminum plate, it is easier to produce drawing marks, which will lead to tensile fracture in serious cases. Drawing mould blank size determination: more wrinkles, less cracks is our principle. It can be calculated according to the principle of blank area and drawing area. The coefficient of drawing mould is one of the main parameters in the calculation of drawing process, which is usually used to determine the order and times of drawing. The choice of processing oil is very important. When the product is taken out of the mold, if the temperature of the product is too high to touch by hand, the selection and method of lubricating oil must be reconsidered. Heat treatment of drawing die: although it is not advocated, it should be said that in the drawing process, due to the cold plastic deformation of the workpiece, cold work hardening will occur, which will reduce the plasticity, increase the deformation resistance and hardness. In addition, the mould design is unreasonable, and intermediate annealing is needed to soften the metal and restore the plasticity.
In the design of drawing die, attention should be paid to the dimension on the product drawing should be marked on one side as far as possible. In order to ensure wear resistance and prevent drawing scratch, the punch and mould and blank holder must be quenched. In a word, the design of drawing mould is more complicated, which needs more attention of mould makers.

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