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What problems should be paid attention to when the stamping parts manufacturer introduces the treatment of waste?

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In metal stamping production, because the hardware is mass production, there will be have a lot of waste, and these waste metal stamping processing is a particularly dangerous work, it is best to choose automation equipment for processing, but some of the waste are having to manually, so when dealing with waste metal stamping parts of what problem should note?
There are two kinds of packaging treatment for scrap metal stamping parts, one is automatic treatment, the other is non-automatic treatment.
I. Safety measures for automatic processing of scrap metal stamping parts:
1. When the general sheet material is used for processing, the scrap of the metal stamping parts is conveyed by the conveyor belt, cut short by the scrap cutter, and then pressed into cubes by the press.
2, with the receiving drum to wind the waste, in fact, the appearance of the receiving drum is almost the same as that of the strip steel drum. After the metal stamping parts of the waste by the receiving drum winding, it can be used as the material of other parts. Because the receiving drum motor is driven independently, it can also be driven by the press or the feeding mechanism
3. Set a cutter on the metal stamping mould to cut off the waste, and then transport it to the baler by the conveyor belt to press the block. Pay attention to the separation of a distance when the press is cut off once.
II. Safety measures for non-automatic processing of scrap metal stamping parts:
1, skew discharge punching hole waste, to automatically stratified waste broken, in the upper mold or lower mold seat at least can store more than 100 pieces of waste, if the two local waste collection together, to have enough space to stack.
2, the disposal of the waste is best not to loud or burr, to prevent injury to people, and in the waste cutting time size should be appropriate, to prevent in the vicinity of the operator, injury to the operator.
3. When the waste passes through the pipeline, we should pay attention to the fact that the width and height of the straight line are not good, it is easy to block, and we should try to prevent more than two kinds of waste from passing through a pipe.
4. The chute to remove the waste must be passed to the end of the gasket and aligned with the mouth of the waste pit. When installing the chute, we should pay attention to whether the screws of the metal stamping mould are tightened.
5, if the metal stamping waste can not rely on the weight of the fall, once hanging in the edge, it should be used to throw, jacking out and other landing equipment, forced to fall.
6, in order to ensure safety, in the near non-automatic processing of metal stamping parts waste should be equipped with a protective cover, and can not let the waste in the operation of the operator near the outflow or flying.
The above is about the processing of metal processing waste to pay attention to the problem made a brief introduction, here also want to prompt engaged in the waste packaging personnel must pay attention to safety, to prevent dangerous events.


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