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How to maintain the stamping mould?

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With the progress of society and the development of technology, stamping mould has been widely used in the domestic machinery manufacturing industry for its unique advantages of high efficiency, simplicity and large quantities. In order to meet the development requirements of high efficiency and high quality, the correct maintenance of stamping mould has become the primary research topic of stamping enterprises. As the main component of stamping, how to maintain the mould?
When removing the mould and mould of the metal mould, pay attention to the original state of the mould so as to recycle the mould during subsequent installation. If there is a gasket or displacement, the thickness of the gasket shall be marked on the part and recorded. When replacing the punch, it is necessary to check whether the demoulding block mold is smooth, and whether the clearance between the plug and the mold is uniform. In order to replace the punch, it is also necessary to test whether the gap between the plug and the punch is even. Considering that the punch becomes shorter after grinding and requires padding to achieve the desired length, it is necessary to check whether the effective length of the punch is sufficient. Replace the broken punch, find out the cause, and check whether the corresponding mould has broken edges and whether it needs to be sharpened. When assembling the punch, check whether the clearance between the punch and the fixed block or the fixed plate is sufficient, and if there is a pressing block, check whether there is room for movement. The assembly mould shall be placed horizontally, and then the flat iron block shall be placed on the surface of the mould. Hit it with a copper bar. Can not push, the bottom of the mold should be chamfered, after installation, check whether the mold surface is flat with the mold surface. After the punch, mold and core are assembled, it is necessary to check whether the belt guard and parts are installed wrong or backward, whether the mold pad is installed backward, whether the blanking hole is blocked, whether the new parts need to be stolen, whether the stolen parts are enough, and whether the mold locking parts need to be locked. Be sure to lock the loose screw. When locking, the balance force should be used from inside to outside to cross lock. With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, China's industrial structure is changing with each passing day, especially the wide application of mold processing and manufacturing technology in the machinery manufacturing industry, accelerating the process of industrial development.
Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research of stamping mould manufacturing technology and maintenance methods, further promote the application of digital technology, improve the design accuracy and processing quality of stamping mould, speed up the process of stamping mould design and manufacturing.


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