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How to ensure the service life of stamping mould parts?

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In the process of stamping mould parts, how to ensure the service life of mould parts?
Today, with the learning of mould parts factory, some of the influencing factors of stamping mould parts life!
1. Stamping equipment The higher the accuracy of the stamping equipment, the better the rigidity of the stamping parts and the longer the service life.
2. Model design.
3. Stamping procedures.
4. Mold material The composition, structure, hardness and metallurgical quality of mold materials and the service life of different materials are often different.
5. Heat treatment.
6. Surface quality The quality of the surface of mold parts is closely related to the wear resistance, fracture resistance and adhesion resistance of the mold, which directly affects the service life of the mold.
Only in-depth understanding of stamping mould parts, in order to find the right way to solve the problems we face. Hope today's sharing helps you.


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