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The application scope of stamping parts

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(1) Stamping in the automotive industry. Deep drawing is the main method. In China, this part is mainly concentrated in large factories such as car factories, tractor factories and aircraft factories, and independent large stamping and deep drawing factories are not uncommon.
(2) Stamping of auto industry parts. Mainly drilling and shearing. Many enterprises in this industry have standard parts factories under them. There are also some independent stamping plants. There are also many small factories near some automobile plants or tractor plants.
(3) Electrical components stamping factory. This kind of factory building is a new industry, developed with the development of electrical appliances, and this industry is concentrated in the south.
(4) consumer goods stamping factory. Do some arts and crafts, tableware and so on, these factories have also developed greatly in recent years.
(5) Household appliance parts stamping factory. These factories are in China after the development of home appliances, most home appliances distribution enterprises.
(6) special stamping enterprises. The stamping of aircraft parts, for example, belongs to this category, but these process plants are also large factories.


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