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Heat treatment of the role of stamping mould

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Heat treatment is the basic process of mould processing, its emphasis is the durability and precision of stamping mould. Our focus is on stamping mould and mould parts processing. The following are the common problems and solutions in mold heat treatment, and quickly learn about it with mold parts manufacturers.
How to overspeed quenching? Before quenching, determine the material, observe whether the spark is appropriate, master the appropriate heating temperature and process flow, and control the heating time in real time. If a portion of the burn is excessive, normalize annealing and then heat treatment to preserve the portion.
Is there any spot on the mould steel surface? Put the parts into the protective box and protect them with dry protective agent. The salt bath temperature is lower than 500 ° C, and air cooling quenching is not suitable for high alloy steel. After quenching, the parts should be cleaned in time.
How to deal with soft spots? The fiber structure of the raw material contains carbides. If the distribution is not uniform, segregation will cause soft points, then the first to choose a reasonable material, heating, the workpiece surface will appear oxide and rust spots, resulting in surface decarbonization. If the quenching medium is aging or too many impurities, the cooling medium must be cleaned and replaced regularly, and the cooling medium must be kept at all times, and the operation should be carried out in accordance with the standard specification. Should be paid attention to in the case of improper material selection, material selection, management and careful choices, control the appropriate process temperature and choose a reasonable process, before quenching should eliminate stress, in the process of interrupted quenching, mould develop stage cooling, clean room temperature, these are the mould maker existing problems and solutions in the process of heat treatment.
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