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The role of automation in stamping mould

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Stamping moulds, with the right combination of equipment and software, can significantly improve work efficiency. In some applications, automated systems have significant advantages, increasing productivity by up to two thirds while providing a more accurate way to maintain inventory.
Automated access systems enable rapid access to products, enabling operators to reverse search for keywords based on high ergonomics. The recovery time is 70% and the residence time is only 30%. In some mold manufacturing, efficiency can be increased by more than 400%.
By providing 100% storage channels and delivering highly ergonomic storage items, all bending, stretching and troubleshooting are eliminated. Operators simply scan a barcode or partial name number to enter the system and automatically transfer stored items, reducing labor by 66 percent.
The combined benefits of all these simple automation approaches can be huge and the return on investment can be high, depending on the type of system installed.
Simple automation should be seen as a simple way to reduce costs, improve overall storage and retrieval efficiency, and take full advantage of existing facilities.


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