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How to choose the stamping mould when the stamping parts are produced in large quantities?

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1. Production batches. When the stamping parts production batch is large, the stamping mould of the working parts of the mould should be selected with good quality and good wear resistance mould steel. For other parts of the mold process structure and auxiliary structural parts of the material, also need to improve. When the batch is small, the requirements for material properties should be increased to reduce costs.
2. The performance of the material to be flushed and the working conditions of the mould parts. When the material to be punched is hard or the deformation resistance is large, the punch and mould of the mold should be selected with good wear resistance and high strength materials. When drawing stainless steel, aluminum bronze mold has good adhesion and can be used. However, because the guide column and guide sleeve requirements wear resistance and better toughness, so often use low carbon steel surface carburizing quenching. As another example, the main disadvantage of carbon tool steels is poor hardenability. When the section size of mould parts is large, the central hardness is still low after quenching. However, when working on a press with a large number of strokes, it becomes an advantage because of its good shock resistance. For the fixed plate, discharge plate parts, not only have enough strength, but also in the processing process requires small deformation. In addition, cold and cryogenic treatment, vacuum treatment and surface strengthening can improve the performance of mould parts. For the cold extrusion mould with poor working conditions, mould steel with sufficient hardness, strength, toughness, wear resistance and other comprehensive mechanical properties, and a certain red hardness and thermal fatigue strength should be selected.
3. Taking into account the hot and cold processing properties of the material and the existing factory conditions.


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