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What is the maintenance technology of stamping mould factory?

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Stamping mould is a special process equipment for processing materials (metal or non-metal) into parts (or semi-finished products) in cold stamping process, known as cold stamping mould (commonly known as cold stamping mould). Stamping is a pressure processing method that uses a mould mounted on a press to exert pressure on a material at room temperature to separate or plastic deform it to obtain the desired part. So how can the metal stamping mould factory tell you what the stamping mould maintenance skills are?
Mold loosening or unilateral movement exceeds punch clearance. Adjust the combination clearance.
Mold tilt: the straightness of punch or mold is not correct, or there is a foreign body between the template, so that the template can not be smooth. Reassemble or grind corrections.
Formwork deformation: the rigidity or thickness of the formwork is not enough, or the formwork is deformed by external force. Replace new template or correct disassembly method.
Deformation of mould frame: the thickness of mould frame is insufficient or the force is uneven, and the straightness of guide pillar and guide sleeve changes. Grinding, rectifying or replenishing plastic steel or replacing mould or balancing the force.
Mold interference: whether the size and position of the mold are correct, whether the positioning of the upper and lower molds is deviated, whether the mold is loose after assembly, whether the punch precision and whether the mold frame is correct.
Punch cutting deviation: the punch strength is not enough, the size of the punch is too close, the side force is not balanced, the punch is half tilting. Strengthen the guide protection function of the peeling inclined plate or increase the punch, shorten the small punch, increase the heel length, and support the guidance as soon as possible. Pay attention to the feeding length.


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