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What is the difference between precision metal stamping mould and plastic mould

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As products continue to appear in front of us, we learn more and more about them and their various aspects. The same is true of precision metal stamping moulds. So what is the difference between precision metal stamping mould and plastic mould?
Precision metal stamping mould: mould processing refers to the processing of forming and blanking tools in addition to stamping mould and punching mould. Usually, the mould is made up of two parts: the upper mould and the lower mould. Plates of material are placed between the upper and lower molds and punched or formed under the action of a press. When the press is opened, the workpiece determined by the mold shape is obtained or the corresponding waste is removed. From small electrical connectors to large parts of car dashboards, they can be shaped. Sequential moulds are a set of moulds that automatically move the machined parts from one station to another and get the molded parts at the last station. Mold includes: mould, compound mould, sequential mould, stamping mould, forming mould, etc.
The raw materials of plastic mold processing (plastic PV plastic raw materials, high temperature resistant plastic materials, PPS, LCP, PET, PA, PES plastic raw materials, etc.) are mainly resins, which are synthetic polymer resins. It is a kind of material that can penetrate into a variety of auxiliary materials or ingremouldnts additives. It has plasticity and fluidity under specific temperature and pressure, and can be molded into a certain shape and keep the shape unchanged under certain conditions. Plastic has good electrical, thermal and acoustic insulation: electrical insulation, arc resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration reduction, noise reduction and other performance characteristics.
Precision hardware mold is used in industrial production, using various presses and special tools installed on the press machine, through the pressure to make the metal material into the required shape of parts or products. These special tools are collectively called hardware molds.
Plastic mold is used for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and low foam molding combination of plastic mold. It mainly comprises a concave mould combination substrate, mould assembly and mould combination card plate. Conversion.
The cavity mould is composed of a composite substrate, a assembly, a composite clamping plate, a cavity cutting assembly and a side cutting assembly plate. The cavity of variable core punch will change with the coordination of convex, concave and auxiliary molding system. It can process series plastic parts of different shapes and sizes in adjustable range. The ingremouldnts of plastic are the plastics we usually use. It is not a pure substance, but is made of many materials. Among them, high polymer (or synthetic resin) is the main component.
The raw materials that constitute the mold between the two are roughly similar, and the processing technology is also different. There are certain differences, but the processing materials do have essential differences.


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