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How to improve the service life of metal stamping mould?

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The cutting edge grinding of the mould
Reasonable sharpening of metal stamping mould in production. Can effectively improve the life of the mould, save the cost of the mould, greatly reduce the cost of the product. When the cutting edge of the mould is worn to a certain extent, the original sharp edge becomes blunt, which leads to the excessive burr edge of the blanking parts and the decrease of the size and shape accuracy. The mould must therefore be polished to restore its sharp blanking edges. Reduce punching burr and size and shape deviation, improve the surface quality of the formed parts. If the mould is not polished in time, the blunt edge will suffer from severe friction of hard, excessive and thick burr due to the delay of the grinding time, forming a vicious circle of excessive wear of the mould, leading to the repeated grinding of the knife can only be measured to make the blade sharp, greatly shortening the life of the mould. When the burr of the part is about to exceed the allowable burr height, the production should be stopped immediately and the mold should be polished.
In the actual production, the site workers used to determine the size of the workpiece burr and the timing of grinding, so the operation error is large. By detecting the height and thickness of burr, the uniformity of burr distribution, the size and shape precision of punching and the quality of stamping surface, we can grasp the wear of the blade and the bluntness of the blade 121, so as to determine the best grinding time of the mould. The grinding quantity of the mould must be determined according to the actual wear condition of the end and side of the cutting edge. In addition, the material thickness, mold shape and structure, grinding order and other related factors should be considered. Mold after grinding for many times, its size will change, especially for the upper, small, large tapered mould mould, because the edge wall of the mould is inverted outward, after sharpening the upper surface of the mould, its horizontal size will inevitably produce incremental. Therefore, before sharpening should be calculated according to the Angle of the taper. When sharpening the knife, we should pay attention to the actual size of the parts to prevent excessive increase of the size of the parts due to repeated sharpening, resulting in defective products.
Stamping production efficiency and cost largely depend on the mold. For the hardware stamping mould in the production process of the fault, should be detailed analysis of the specific problems, make a correct maintenance plan. Timely solve mold damage, stuck mold, knife sharpening, product quality defects and other issues. A good deal with the relationship between mold repair and scrap can reduce the time of metal stamping mould production and repair, shorten the production cycle, and ensure the normal production of stamping.


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