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Deep drawing (also known as drawing) is a processing method which uses the drawing mould under the pressure of the press to make the plate blank or hollow process parts into open hollow parts. As one of the basic stamping processes, it is widely used in the production of various industrial sectors such as automobile, electronics, daily necessities, instruments, aviation and aerospace. It can process not only rotating parts, but also box shaped parts and other thin-walled parts with complex shapes,

It can be divided into constant thin drawing and thinning drawing. Compared with the blank before drawing, the wall thickness of each part of the part after deep drawing is basically unchanged; compared with the blank before drawing, the wall thickness of the part after deep drawing is obviously thinner, which is required by the product, and the part presents the characteristics of bottom thickness and wall thickness. In practical production, constant thin drawing is widely used. This chapter focuses on the constant thin drawing process and mould design.
The mould used in deep drawing is called drawing die. The structure of the drawing mould is relatively simple. Compared with the blanking die, the working part has larger fillet, higher surface quality requirements, and the gap between the punch and the mould is slightly larger than the thickness of the sheet metal.

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